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Why SpotHR?

SpotHR is the easiest, reliable and most expedient way of managing remote / lone workers by creating, scheduling and managing employee time sheet. Your staff can easily clock-in and out from any remote location at any time through the mobile application and the registered company’s admin receives notification(s) in real-time.

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Time Management

No more flipping through several papers in search of employee attendance. View and get notified when your staff clock-in and out as well as taking breaks from different remote locations in real time with ease.

Integrated Mobile App

How easy does it get when you can manage your staff from any where around the world! With the integrated mobile app, you can schedule, monitor and ensure the safety of your staff while getting staff notifications on the go. The mobile app is available on Apple App store and on Google play.


The simplest way to create timesheet for your employees, manage their shift, attendance,  billable hours and assign roles. Employees get clarity around schedule as they can also view and input their availability making Rota planning easier.

Save Money

Are you wondering if you're getting what you pay for? Gain valuable insight on your team, manage labour expenses, find out how well your staff work and eventually keep your expenses within budget.

Notes embedded

If a member of staff appears late or early, they will able to file a report from their mobile App to state reasons.

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How can I create an

To create an account with us, click on the Get Started button on the home page or at the top right corner of the menu tabs... Read More

How much will my account cost?

The only charge for a SpotHR account is a subscription fee, which is paid monthly and varies based on the number of users...Read More

How to add and manage employees?

Click employees on the left bar to add and view employees manually or upload an employee list (if any)...Read More

Does it cost extra for each company profile?

Our pricing is based on the number of users/employees your company needs to register on the system...Read More

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Hello! We’ve have tried to create SpotHR in a way that it is easy and straight forward to use. However, if at any point you require some help or encounter some problems while using the app, please feel free to contact [email protected] and we promise to get back to you within 24 hours.